Geology Rocks and Minerals is one of the only rock shops in Chico, California. Their inventory includes rocks, crystals, and minerals from around the world. These rocks and minerals in the store can be found in their natural state or fashioned into jewelry. For their new store front, Geology Rocks and Minerals reached out to us for branding and interior design. From the beginning of the project, we knew we wanted to create an interior that would highlight the beauty of the crystals and bring in customers. We designed unique shelving to showcase the products that featured high CRI LEDs to give the rocks the most realistic color possible. To help bring in customers we made a 3 ft resin and wood sign that was lit from the inside with energy efficient LEDs. Day or night, the sign catches the eyes of passerbys to draw them into the store. 


Earthen Farms is an cannabis growery based in Mendocino County, California. They use farming techniques that nurture the land while producing amazing medicine. For their debut at Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, we designed the packaging for their products along with an array of displays to show off their beautiful medicine. In addition to the packaging, we made them two signs to really grab the customers eyes! The first was a carved and hand painted wooden sign for the front of their booth and the second was a LED sign made of acrylic and wood that featured multiple colors and precise engraving. Photos curtesy of The Hybrid Creative.


Huxton is an American cannabis brand. Focused on craft flower and innovative extracts, all of Huxton's products are designed to create an authentic experience. Huxton's commitment is to produce concepts that are thoughtful, unique, and effective.


CEAS Collective is a medical marijuana collective with locations in Chico, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz. CEAS is an acronym standing for Compassionate Energy for an Altruistic Society. CEAS and its members have a close connection with TOKA Branding Co.; they have a key role in prototyping and testing of our current and upcoming projects.


Dragon Tobacco is a locally renowned tobacco ship in Chico, California. They hold many raffles and put on quite a few events in the Northern California Area. With a huge selection and extremely knowledgeable staff Dragon is the place to shop when your in the Chico area.