make your project or design reality. 

We can engrave many types of materials.


Anodized Aluminum




Rubber (Including Stamps) 




Pricing of materials vary along with what type of etching the customer needs. The best way to get pricing on a custom job is to contact us directly. We also offer design services and optimization for CNC Routing or Laser Cutting.

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Custom work takes collaboration to complete please keep in mind that this can take time and can affect turnaround of projects. We strive to deliver perfect customs that help convey your message and brand in the highest quality possible that your customers will notice! Here are some guidelines for ordering through us.


Design changes made after original quotes can increase the price of products and increase the time for production. Quotes are a price estimate and are to be considered fluid primarily when changes or iterations are being made throughout the customs process.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times are the estimated production time it takes from final mock-up and payment to shipment of the product. This does not include any iterations or collaboration time. At the time of the final mock up and payment your order is added to our queue. At this time we can give a much more exact estimate for delivery time. If delivery is needed faster please see the rush orders section.

Rush Orders

We do provide rush orders for an extra fee which is determined by the complexity of the project, how fast the turnaround time needs to be, and what orders are queued before yours. Please let us know if there is a specific deadline we need to meet to complete your project successfully. The sooner we have this information the better we can serve you!

Ordering Time

Please leave a couple weeks in advance to finalize designs before the expected delivery time. Since projects are custom there are many moving parts and the more time that is allotted the better the result.