American Made Stash Jars

Exceptional Quality

Our engraved jars are made with the highest quality in mind.


Sustainable Production

Libbey, our glass supplier, reclaimed and re-used enough waste glass in 2007 to make a new drinking glass for everyone in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom – over 500 million glasses! TOKA Branding partners with Libbey because their products are manufactured with approximately 30% of pre-consumer recycled glass.


Laser Engraved Wood

Wooden tops thoughtfully engraved on both sides. Hand assembled with FDA approved neoprene rubber, aluminum and birch. Entirely manufactured in Chico, California.


Highest Quality Around

Don’t settle for other stash jar companies that will source products from china and relabel them. We design and make all our products in the USA. 

We are so proud of our products we have a Lifetime Warranty.

Our Testimonials

We are confident in the quality we can deliver. Check out our testimonials.

Love love love!! Quality product, great price and amazing customer service. Originally bought as a gift, but they liked it so much I ended up getting one of my own as well!

Tatiana Hadid

Etsy Customer

I am so impressed with the workmanship of this product! The laser carving on the lid is beautiful, and the packaging puts it over the top. I totally loved the little nest that protected the jar inside the box, so much better than bubble wrap! The die cut hummingbird was a gorgeous surprise.

Liise E

Amazon Customer

I really like how the top is engraved. When I saw it in the picture I didn't realize how deeply and clearly it is engraved. Fantastic product........thanks

Wilbert Wong

Amazon Customer

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